Little Big Mining Log
Mining tracking tool with OCR capability

Welcome to Little Big Mining Log

The purpose of this tool is to help Miners track their claims. It performs image recognition on the mining claim found to record depth size type and position. The miner can then plot his data on top of a map so he can return again to the spots where mining was most lucky to them.

I have took upon myself the task of providing the best and feature rich tool to the miners of Entropia Universe. Development started on the 21st May 2010, with the closed beta period lasting until end of February. On 1st of March 2011 the public beta period begins and is currently in effect.

Little Big Mininig Log is approved for use with Entropia Universe by Mindark PE AB.

This tool is for all of you, so your feedback is most welcome.
Send your suggestions to or post them on our forum

Ingame Chat Channel
#LBML - to join the chat channel ingame type "/j #LBML"

You Tube
Here is a new youtube channel where I explain the workings of the Tool:

Latest Forum Posts

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05-10-2014 18:32can't update to the new version

Release Log

Current Release:
03/10/2014 Patch v0.9.7.0 The Store:
- With this release we introduce the Store where you can spend your Miner Points
- Added the first working feature to the store - Hex Grid
- The claim details in the main window now also include the tt range for the size

Previous Releases:
17/08/2014 Patch v0.9.6.0 New Updater:
- Improved the updater
- LBML will check its file integrity on startup

* If your Auto Update Process fails with an error please extract the auto downloaded zip to the program directory overwriting existing files.
* The new updater uses .net framework 4.5.1. Please make sure its installed. Get it here Download

25/07/2014 Patch v0.9.5.0 New Import/Export Functionality:
- Importing and Exporting got some attention
- When you Export claims will now receive a hash
- When Importing the hash is checked to validate the claim data
- You can select to export only valid claim data (skipping the manually added claims)
- You can select to import only valid claim data
- This release also fixes login issues
- Added new map pieces for Rocktropia

17/02/2014 Patch v0.9.4.0 Map Engine Re-Write:
- Brand new map engine (full re-write) no more 800 errors!
- This re-write was sponsored by our donors (Fix the 0x800 errors on the Map)
- Treasure resources will now appear in their own category under map menu
- Fixed the icon size for the windows volume mixer
- With automatic position tracking it is no longer necessary to press P at start
- Dates are now shown on the map claim info
- Automatic scan (radar, finder, claim) health indication
- Updated maps for all planets - Tested on windows 8.1 - Fixes DirectXMap.dll dependencies by static linking and tool range setting focus issue - Added Planet Toulan - Added Timing Statistics, Fixed Keybind retention, Fixed map Auto Follow - Added Run Statistics for Treasure drops and separate hit ratios,
             In File->Settings->Auto new mechanism to help select the proper radar size.
             Fixed the color codes loading for new resources - Added More Statistics Server communication and claim buffer sync state,
             Added color strip for radar size setting feedback, Fixed Linking claims to older drops
             Added option to Delete old runs, Runs are now grouped into a tree structure - Added Arkadia Underground, Fixed 'P' marking issue, fixed minor bugs - Fixed 'P' marking issue again, Added automatic radius divider for special areas
             Fixed issues where claims could be assigned to old drops when close to max radius - Fixed OCR of HOFs and Long resource names. Drop filter is now last x.y hours
             New Player_ClaimToDropMatchXHours parameter limits old drop to claims matching - Fixed 'P' marking issue .. yet again : ) - Exporting is back, More debug info for people with login problems

15/11/2012 Patch v0.9.3.0 New Automated Systems:
- The tool will automatically track your position
- The tool will automatically detect you making drops
- The tool will automatically scan your claim deeds and update unknowns
- Treasure hunting for arkadia added
- Cyrene planet added
- Fix for new claim deed layout
- Fix for OCR memory leaks, with new tessa local server processes
- Fix for claim saving delay, claims stored localy then synchronized to the server
- Fix for long shutdown times and some graphics glitches
- Full framework rework to allow better expansion options
- Note: sorry for the dalay and October/November downtime... please enjoy! - added setting for zooming on P (defalut level in config file), fixed claim time left - added new error handling system, no more blocking popups, with auto submit - added a new location for Monria Moon Mining (Additional Manual Steps Required) - fixes for font changes in VU 14.4, new updater to ensure better updating experience

* If your Auto Update Process fails with an error please extract the auto downloaded zip to the program directory overwriting existing files.

28/10/2011 Patch v0.9.2.0 Little Big Mining Log gets vocal:
- She will read you all her stats
- Added setting to disable auto screenshots
- Added setting to disable the display of claim timers
- Claim Timers will now be automatically depleted once you finish excavation
- Screenshots will now be saved in folders by type/year/month/date
- Tool will no longer take global screenshots if you dont enter your username - fixes disabling of global screenshots - fixes autodepletion error for "," decimal separator - fixes remote server returned an error: (417) - removed (417) fix and added communication repetitions to help 408 timeout error

21/10/2011 Patch v0.9.1.0 Adding the ET integration:
- Added the possibility to feed ET with chat data and gather ET gift credits
- Updated the map of Calypso with the new 3 areas - thanks Corey 'Onciest' Wray
- Added a selector for .png/.jpg with quality for screenshots of Globals
- Removed the unnecessary map Render loops to improve performance
- Minipatches that fix the update process should take you up to version

16/10/2011 PUBLIC BETA v0.9 - New Release with Statistics:
- Added Statistics window for Claim Depth Distribution
- Added functionality for Auto Capture of Screenshots for Globals, HOF, ATH, Discoveries and Skill Unlocks
- Custom Delay settings for Auto Screenshot Capture (500ms default)
- Added Timers on map for undepleted claims showing the time left for extraction
- Added a bindable key setting for Depleting of closest claim to stop the counter
- Tool windows will now remember their position and size (also a config setting)
- Fixed color coding of Arkadia Claims
- Fixed scanning of Tower Claims
- Added additional help for 304 login error

10/08/2011 Patch v0.8.2.0 Fixing the Auto Update Process:
- Fixed issue affecting Windows XP users
- Fixed updates done to the update program
We kindly ask all users to redownload this full version and we apologize
for any inconvinience and downtime post version 0.8. We hope all issues
are resolved now if not please let us know at

09/08/2011 Patch v0.8.1.0 Fixing the Auto Update Process:
- Added seperate Updater.exe executable which will deal with downloading and upgrading the software version of your tool. It will also create a backup copy of your config file in case it gets overwriten (you should then copy the old values by hand leaving the new keys intact)
- Added more search locations for settings-ce.cfg file
- Added path in the config file to specify the location of the settings-ce.cfg file

07/08/2011 PUBLIC BETA v0.8 - New Release with Auto Updater:
- Added Auto Updater which will notify you of changes and upgrade your tool
- Added Auto Update Setting in Tool Settings and Config file
- Added Option to suppress Error messages for the remainder of the session
- Added settings for integration with Entropia Tracker
- Added an option to include your ET rank on your Signature
- Added automatic game graphics settings test on tool startup
- Upgraded the About dialog box
- Increased the minimum distance from claim deed for scanning
- Increased the constraints on OCR name matching
- Increased the http timeout values for those with poor connection

28/06/2011 Patch v0.7.1.0 - patch fixing following issues:
- Fixed OCR claim reading errors occuring in VU 12.0

06/06/2011 PUBLIC BETA v0.7 - New Release for Unknown Claims:
- Added Resource Selection pop-up when scaning "Unknown" resource Deed
- Added settings for Avatar Name Ranking and Dynamic Signature
- Added settings for depth and location data sharing
- Added missing location: Planet Arkadia
- Added Arkadia specific resources

11/05/2011 Patch v0.6.2.0 - patch fixing following issues:
- Fixed "Error 0818" when playing in full screen mode and alt+tab-ing to map

08/05/2011 Patch v0.6.1.0 - patch fixing following issues:
- Added missing location to the mining tool: Hell

01/05/2011 PUBLIC BETA v0.6 - New Release with Import and Export:
- Import claims from CSV file from any source
- Export your claims to share with friends
- Filters for exporting claims to export only a subset
- Export/Import your Drops and Runs when moving to another game station
- Fixed color codes for Rocktropia specific Resources
- Fixed date stamps for Success Screenshots

05/04/2011 Patch v0.5.2.0 - patch fixing following issues:
- Localization issue with color coding in some countries causing problems with the configuration file. You can now use:
- full color names i.e. "White",
- integer values i.e. "255, 255, 255"
- Hexadecimal values i.e. "#FFFFFF"
for color coding your claim deeds and player and drop colors.

03/04/2011 Patch v0.5.1.0 - patch fixing following issues:
- Localization issue with "," as the decimal separator in some countries causing problems with the configuration file

03/04/2011 PUBLIC BETA v0.5 - New Release with Configuration File:
- LittleBigMiningLog.exe.config fileholds all configuration parameters for the tool
- The Map can now be set to appear always on top
- Added Date and Time and Coord filters for Drops
- Added Lines to the map showing Coord filter setting
- The tool will now check if all files are present on startup
- Added ScrollBar to Run Filter List
- Fixed Claim reading post VU 11.9.0 changes
- Fixed Labels for UI Icons
- Fixed problem saving Sweetstuff screenshots

09/03/2011 Patch v0.4.3.0 - patch fixing following issues:
- Added Text Error Logs stored in Errors folder which you should submit for analysis
- Added Error Codes to help you help us pinpoint and fix bugs that appear
- Fixed errors introduced in the new Image recognition routines
- Error screenshots will now be stored in PNG format to reduce file size

06/03/2011 Patch v0.4.2.0 - patch fixing following issues:
- Sweetstuff and Growth Molecules will be now correctly recognized
- Improved the accuracy of Image Recognition - thanks Marie 'Zacariaz' T'pol
- Using the log-out option no longer causes the application to crash
- Fixed application stability during shutdown
- Improved reliability of keybinds

03/03/2011 Patch v0.4.1.1 - patch fixing following issues:
- OutOfMemory exception sometimes caused by the Map window
- Localization problem with "," as the decimal separator in some countries

01/03/2011 PUBLIC BETA v0.4 - first beta release open to general public
- Image Recognition and Claim Deed Scanning
- Smooth running Map Interface - thanks Sarah 'Zap' Charlton
- With Awesome Custom Maps - thanks Corey 'Onciest' Wray
- With Advanced Filtering Options
- Player position tracking on Map
- Run tracking with simple hit ratio and cost statistics
- Marking Drop areas to optimize mining spread
- Hotkeys for operation without window focus

Known Issues:
- Playing in full screen on dual monitors while interacting with
the map can cause the application to throw errors.
- Sometimes it can take a while for the tool to shutdown
- ALZip can break the update process we reccomend 7zip to our users

System Statistics

Active Users582(90d)/2878(all)
Collected Claims4,486,114
Est. Claim Value34,274,604.65 PED
Newest UserDaniel ZexIMBA Mioc
generated on: 2014-10-23 03:30

Periodic Table

Resource Depth (90 days)

Name (cnt) Min Avg Max
Aakas Alloy (76) 157 536 1414
Aarkan Pellets (791) 5 519 1424
Acid Root (2701) 147 688 6311
Adomasite Stone (1356) 485 803 1595
Alferix Stone (772) 241 689 1399
Alicenies Liquid (2006) 55 605 1614
Alkar Crystals (16) 222 594 1059
Alternative Rock (2511) 5 547 1315
Angelic Grit (1081) 216 666 1607
Aqeeq Stone (91) 5 645 1100
Arekite Stone (27) 448 827 1112
Ares Head (1533) 146 684 1554
Azur Pearls (1400) 207 693 1267
Azzurdite Stone (1055) 493 800 1459
Banite Stones (608) 110 741 1404
Belkar Stone (4500) 5 735 6041
Binary Fluid (483) 607 898 1536
Black Russian (17) 121 554 825
Blausariam Stone (3245) 33 669 1604
Blood Moss (21) 262 522 749
Blue Crystal (60) 41 517 950
Blues Rock (129) 40 557 1123
Bodai Dust (204) 402 699 1023
Caldorite Stone (5098) 105 703 8511
Cave Sap (2387) 300 749 1627
ChemSet (216) 440 755 1534
Clear Crystal (2) 427 466 504
Cobalt Stone (743) 188 674 1393
Copper Stone (911) 104 762 1730
Cordul Stone (43) 538 800 1286
Crude Oil (8060) 5 605 5417
Cumbriz Stone (1418) 105 654 1667
Cyrenium Ore (3) 446 758 968
Dark Lysterium (6) 274 406 507
Devil's Tail (840) 382 711 1492
Dianthus Liquid (449) 420 716 1393
Dianum Ore (505) 277 630 1604
Durulium Stone (8008) 279 882 1717
Edres Resin (535) 118 710 1419
Energized Crystal (1275) 500 768 1831
Erdorium Stone (1092) 234 709 1638
Erionite Stone (392) 375 717 1303
Fairuz Stone (14) 436 645 947
Ferrum Nuts (91) 639 836 1142
Fire Root (171) 461 695 1135
Florican Mist (341) 347 752 1379
Folk Rock (130) 29 505 1134
Force Nexus (2421) 52 634 6211
Frakite Stone (151) 459 767 1373
Frigulite Stone (949) 84 666 4119
Ganganite Stone (612) 112 684 1475
Garcen Grease (4558) 84 718 1643
Gazzurdite Stone (12305) 151 785 1712
Ghali (45) 84 409 1174
Glam Rock (10) 459 602 787
Gold Stone (667) 597 834 1429
Gorbek Emulsion (74) 489 746 1264
Green Crystal (23) 143 500 731
Growth Molecules (3493) 236 689 1626
Hard Rock (75) 364 805 1544
Harvey Wallbanger (3) 476 718 940
Hebredite Stones (1360) 259 720 1458
Henren Stems (181) 479 749 1546
Hexra Gems (8) 391 629 856
Himi Rock (3) 338 394 448
Hurricane Cocktail (160) 68 518 940
Hydrogen Steam (2271) 5 650 1551
Ignisium Stone (2175) 269 738 8251
Iolite Stone (455) 543 803 1587
Iridium Ore (40) 172 539 854
Iron Stone (1708) 123 674 1581
Jazz Rock (81) 121 605 1106
Kaisenite Stone (85) 43 513 968
Kamikaze Cocktail (3) 431 513 561
Kanerium Ore (494) 362 903 1480
Kaz Stones (2525) 5 757 1581
Khorudoul Extrusion (770) 98 590 1418
Khorum Alloy (403) 253 720 1364
Kirtz Stone (7) 762 861 1182
Langotz Ore (82) 547 791 1226
Lanorium Stone (241) 195 674 1554
Lidacon Stones (1355) 138 801 1599
Long Island (36) 64 576 1075
Lotium Fluid (197) 421 697 1251
Lulu (94) 299 667 1032
Lumis Leach (410) 345 652 1489
Lysterium Stone (7286) 5 607 6651
Lytairian Dust (2135) 138 627 1469
Maganite Ore (30) 590 864 1333
Magerian Mist (3487) 174 713 1558
Mai Tai (71) 117 571 3711
Maladrite Stone (309) 169 561 1017
Mamnoon (123) 215 590 966
Megan Stone (1190) 195 822 1599
Melchi Water (3391) 5 630 1546
Mojito Cocktail (13) 349 619 1107
Narcanisum Stone (8352) 52 567 1542
Nawa Drops (44) 160 553 1058
Niksarium Stone (6763) 213 625 1542
Nirvana Cocktail (6) 432 625 1095
Nosifer Stone (2) 379 434 489
Olerin Stone (10) 83 479 698
Orange Crystal (25) 445 569 792
Ospra Stones (2110) 5 754 7421
p.Brass Alloy (80) 317 644 1207
p.Bronze Alloy (86) 207 607 1438
p.Flint Arrow (99) 194 616 1127
p.Flint Axe (144) 151 555 1332
p.Fly Amber (125) 383 720 1329
p.Fossil Ammonite (81) 111 436 1394
p.Fossil Tooth (216) 5 146 889
p.Mosquito Amber (80) 459 715 1280
Pel Crystals (495) 461 783 1410
Petonium Stone (27) 465 663 874
Pina Colada (17) 404 665 1112
Pirrel Pallets (7) 224 490 841
Platinum Stone (89) 647 885 1261
Praetonium (22) 381 586 963
Punk Rock (93) 385 746 1583
Pyrite Stone (191) 483 801 1639
Qasdeer Stone (67) 487 808 1248
Quantium Stone (621) 261 613 1321
Quenta Flux (12) 210 562 901
Quil Sap (237) 264 698 1189
Rainbow Crystal (7) 383 559 705
Red Molten (1) 635 635 635
Redulite Ore (63) 870 1093 1488
Reggea Rock (7) 144 610 989
Regula Lode (12) 356 524 863
Rugaritz Ore (1) 888 888 888
Sham (8) 284 552 1012
Solis Beans (912) 287 707 1439
Somin Tar (661) 56 683 1489
Songkra Alloy (164) 348 672 1353
Songtil Agent (424) 57 576 1428
Sothorite Ore (17) 382 551 731
Star Particles (2203) 95 680 1265
Starrix Nodes (34) 250 633 1030
Sweetstuff (385) 86 511 1611
Tananite Ore (12) 155 491 722
Techno Rock (6) 449 913 1231
Telfium Stones (529) 146 686 1406
Terrudite Stone (599) 607 875 1485
Tridenite Ore (1) 1330 1330 1330
Typonolic Steam (3532) 111 688 1454
Valurite Stone (31) 744 929 1276
Veda Stones (860) 70 723 1418
Vedacore Fibre (280) 214 666 1479
Vesperdite Ore (91) 794 1088 1560
Vorn Pellets (439) 160 772 1432
Wenrex Stones (1074) 161 704 1462
Whiskey Sour (30) 145 573 1068
Xelo Haze (372) 372 810 1434
Xeremite Ore (3) 815 918 1042
Ycyan Ore (1) 630 630 630
Yellow Crystal (80) 62 501 936
Youd (61) 94 606 1070
Yulerium Stones (359) 318 713 1346
Zanderium Ore (3) 983 1133 1316
Zinc Stone (7154) 59 710 1683
Zircon Stone (101) 128 514 1098
Zoldenite Dust (406) 119 582 1082
Zolphic Oil (520) 5 699 1471
Zorn Star (180) 5 528 1105
Zulax Stones (202) 417 809 1330
generated on: 2014-10-23 03:30

The depth data is provided by:
Ido Starlit Sunrider, Iam Flatline Legion, Gustav Malasuerte Sagitta, Pan Sorok Bavaria, Eve Damsel Online, Byrus Byrus Ripley, Aranthir Athal Lander, AAA BBB CCC, Amber Blastie Knightley, Seventy 70 Was, Adam Anatarian Azan, Marie T'pol T'pol, Are Kozi Insulting, RexDameon Rex Andreosn, ManFromUniverse reorgas UNIVERSAL, Amanda Mandi Williams, Rowen of Strata, Dark Pelloch Pelf, Maczor Mac MacGyver, Thomas Skandis Stale, Aleksejus Liosha Beskrovnyj, Michael Immuno Monroe, luxurious sir kosseur de nosfertus, Arod Road Fale, Mindl Mindl Berkly, Ephem Ephem Grandis, Hotei Hotei Luck , Vlooe, Aydonis, Jane Huelda Daggerthuggert, Cuthmyownthroat Marvin Dibbler, Stryder Stride Corban, Aleksandr Sandro Zhiyakov, Сергей Котег Жиряков, Rilla Grorilla Askin, DWD zEdisss DonKapone, Logan xXx Wolf, Pedro Wally Stormrage, Pete OnTarget Centrum, Thorvald Mighty Arkonen, Kim Strawberry Valentine, Quantum Kryten State, Mister Braav Cosmos, Eternal sark Newbie, Onyar Loorden PSS, Raul Hyperion Endymion, Misao Misao Donno, Gullatt Gull Dun, Edward Fawkes Blake, David WoWandLoL Sklansky, Marc falkao Falk, Alexander Whiteknight Lane, Lone LoneEagle Eagle, Soar KimyraX Sertone, Ronald Ron Lynch, john dragonstorm van honk, Linas SHepetys Mt, Ross Static Starstruck, Arapuk Arap Myrsfol, Karine Eve Brownwood, Sin Flirter Hot, Derrel Marcel Nerovian, Ina TheGrrrrrrrl Bukowsky, Pablo Paaablo Froehlich, Varnolisk Varsh Shinlinky, Victor Jr Ferreira, Thomas Tommy Schneider, Rick--Frostwell, Pol Pol MacDomhnaill, Riga Rig Altaï, OZtwo, Squee the Goblin, Pat Tipat Ti, Samuel Sam Bond, Majandi Majandi Dale, Evgeny TrueHead Zhiryakov, Elias hudson Kosh, Hubert Sniqs Zycinski, Jake Ace Betrell, John kirtak Doe, Zego Xtremeways Pharo, Filthy FilthyMcNasty Depswa, Merlin Merzhin LeSage, Ariaster Arias Bloodmane, Norman Norm Moon, Nisse Jehfvel Berra, tixilixs tix hunnybunnie, Bridget Lokia Parker, Yemeth Arunsun Leto, Abraxis Brax Wolvies, Joseph Dredge Hogoroth, Nightmare Cyco Path, Viteazu' Morosanu' Pintea, Koruno Seri Blair, lido lidokaine kaine, Fer, Resident Umbrella Evil, Z A L T Y S, Mateusz Sleyer Mate, Miha Sweet poison saiori, James Lee Jackson, Bradley Taylor Todd, Jhan Delarea Freitas, jon excutioner cox, sergio emanuel ribeiro, Neil Greenleaf Stockton, givendale chevrons skelton, SocoArizonaJoe, Balthazar TheLastUnknown Aeon, Bob Mordy Priki, Alexandru Papi Ungur, yunghsin yunghsin yung, Hector Soector Jones, tommy smokeymac galtress, Jane Dreddka Doe, luckylucy gunny smith, Guillermo Ermo Tarentola, Sarky K, hello world, Aiden LordAJ Johnson, Alexander Neutrino-X Darkmoon, Sita Shoulynn Rayner, O.P.P DarkRaideR, Deira Psyc Grau, Tanacious Darkshine Darklighter, Paul Cruz Bravo, Alexandru Papi Ungur, lukas will blake, Dwissa Dwiss Farana, Hedeon Second Gen, Claus Nyx Baudellaire, Argosh Argo Vahaul, Jojo Xerxes Valix, George William Hush, izzy zudu ros, artimus morg morgan, Domer, xycrone xagomex nexacon, Chris Flamed Reichan, Billy Bammer Bizzargin, Lance Lancer Remington, SHAAN SHEKHU JINDA, Katarina Jasmine DuPree, Krasimir Krapoax Kiurtov, Martin Freelancer Dibdiak, Vango Van Lou, II Cucaracho II, Jozef Fruktis Petrik, Lochlan Mordoch Douglas, Girts Smilgs Niedra, RICHI KAUPENS KOP, mr chimp monkey, Piorek Sqnik Mumia, SPENCER SMIC MICHELS, lucy lou povey, Nicole Kid Kidman, Blackbeard The Miner, Zondarius Zondar Cramtun, Snow SleepingBeauty White, Lord Snagletooth Scott, Tom FIEROSE Gun, Malishere Mal Valdaire, Phobos Mike Beauchamp, Turbulent Ruskig Skyfall, Raito Kira Yagami, Chiisan Chii Myamoto, John Slevin Doe, Daggsy Daggs Drostillion, Carlos Los Anaya, Ueidi Storm Souza, Jos Bernz Bernz, Grand James Fighter, Luke Moonbiter Sinclair, Lord Enoch The-Great, Paavo PP Pesusieni, guilhem ignem aranciotta, Eugeniy RustyNaiL Antoshkin, darius dingdong bell, Bedja Mouse Timora, Shawn Thark Columbo, Ordinance Ord EOD, lapotre new driade, eryk erykgr erykxp, Angel O2 Mercer, andrzej mo67 hnizdziuk, Almalexia Lezardine Daedrano, Krzysztof Tiger Gumis, jacek baton kowalski, Jaco Redwolf-PL scott, marine kenusmc marine, Regan Treano, Andre Hofi Hofstetter, Tommy EasyMoney Steele, xX Havok Xx, The Great ◊ÐідмоηĐ◊ Adventure, Marcel Perschel Perschel, Patrizia Pandemic Giano, Lawrence Spanky Spunkmeister, Kazar Kray Vortesk, Auburn the Vagabond, Thor Billy Boy Thorsen, Lin Linnz Siglin, Amonoa Saber Sunrider, ombre silencieuse vive, titeuf exter exterminator, Mocca The One, Michelle Kimek Ly, Alexander GraVit Thoor, Rudolph the reindeer, Sven Melbus Christensen, Luri UncleMo Nightshade, Arutha Calin Surana, stuart GAMBLE gamble, Steller Sn0wst0rmz Dendrite, Thyroll Thyr Arden, Sam Diafelx Sara, liliana fofa Mendes, OleZeRo VoffeBoffen NoxxVillee, Piia Lintu Töyhtöhyyppä, Kronos Crymar Sarl, Ystianus, Garson28 Garson28 Artur, Robin Rooob1n Berg, Dr Estar Love, Jason Rod Nisoto, Nev Rastuss Hawk, siskojay, Duncan QS Stonewall, warlam warbeck beck, Aernold MasterChief Cazzibuffy, Om Om Shanti, Cip13, Pantie , Alex 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